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May 02 2022

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swIDch was selected for its SIM based authentication process between the mobile control centre and the router, which does not require additional infrastructure or hardware. With swIDch, the control centre can generate and send one time authentication codes to the router, and the SIM card in the router then verifies the code to confirm whether it's from the legitimate control centre. Since it's a single use, time based code, there's near zero risk of hacking or hijacking. Also, it can be generated without a network making it even more difficult to steal.


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How to pre-emptively deal with the risk of vulnerabilities in Industrial IoT


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External threats on iIoT have increased due to the spread of digital transformation, but cyber attacks on industrial facilities by hackers have a long history. In 2012, smart meters in Puerto Rico were hacked and the billing system was manipulated, resulting in a loss of about $400 million. In 2017, the control function of industrial control systems (ICS) of a Petrochemical plant in Saudi Arabia was also completely exposed to hackers. So how do we deal with these threats?

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Latest IoT security trends for 2022 and beyond

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For many 2022 has been highlighted as critical in terms of IoT security, with The PSA Certified 2022 Security Report labelling 2022 as the ‘turning point’ year signalling a paradigm shift in the way companies approach the topic. Join us as we discuss the continued impact of the pandemic, the expansion of IoT & PKI, and the ever increasing influence of Edge Computing & Edge IoT...


swIDch makes the XTC Finals!

XTC Finalists

Very excited to be included in the cohort of this years XTC 2022. We can't wait to pitch our pioneering authentication technology at this years event. 🎉

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Join swIDch LIVE at this years

CommunicAsia, Singapore 2022! 


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swIDch will be LIVE in Singapore at the

KICTA Pavillion 
Booth number: 4C3-12

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Check out the 3rd instalment of our OTAC vlog series on our YouTube channel ! 

SIM Vlog

Instead of upgrading the firmware of each of numerous heterogeneous IoT device, the OTAC applet is applied to the SIM card, increasing the efficiency of integration and deployment. It can be applied to low-capacity devices that are usually difficult to continuously operate TLS or PKI stacks. In addition, it can also minimise memory usage and power consumption. Ready to swIDch it up?

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