swIDch Auth Package is the optimized user authentication next generation solution with FIDO1.0 (UAF) & FIDO2 certification and 1st grade GS certification. This package improves user experience and enhances the level of authentication security using One-Time, Multi-Factor, Multi-Channel, and FIDO Alliance Certified solutions. It provides easy user authentication using PIN, biometric information, mOTP, browser security PIN authentication, private certificate, and digital signature.


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FIDO, international standard for convenient universal biometric authentication.



swIDch Auth Package provides groundbreaking FIDO-based authentication functions that resolves the issue of vulnerability posed by ID and password methods. Utilizing authentication based on user’s biometrics (e.g., fingerprints, faces, etc.), you can expect a secure environment of the highest standard from simple log-in functions to electronic signatures.
Devices capable of recognizing biometrics (e.g., fingerprints, faces, etc.) provide more convenient and quicker
authentication. User biometric information is neither sent nor saved to the server, making it more secure.
On the mobile device screen, users can verify themselves using a registered pattern.
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Without the need for a complex password, users can verify themselves by setting a 4-digit or 6-digit simple PIN number.
PC Log-in
If generated QR codes from PC log-in screens are scanned using mobile device cameras or the code is
inputted, the PC will be logged in.
Digital Signature
Using FIDO transactions, we provide encryption and digital signature PKI functions within the mobile
environment such as data integrity encryption/decryption and user and data authenticating electronic
signatures. (PKCS #7 standard digital signature)
Private Key
Implementing a private key system based on FIDO authentication technology, we create a PDF digital signature
that can be used for electronic contracts and agreements. (PKCS Detached standard digital signature)
They provide FIDO SDK related administrator functions such as user management, service maintenance, and
log management (authentication registration, success, and failures).

mOTP, robust 2FA in cyber security

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swIDch Auth Package provides easy-to-use mobile OTP functions for situations that require more powerful authentication in cyber security. Unlike existing OTP, mobile OTP can generate one-time passwords without physical security devices by using a mobile application. Thus, you can build a very powerful identity verification system.
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Mobile OTP
An OTP (One Time Password) that can be immediately generated from a mobile device without having to carry it around
separately (e.g., physical card types, token types, etc.).
Separate from the ID and password, it is an additional authentication (2FA/MFA) method that uses a new password each time.
PIN Linkage
We verify the PIN registered by the user before generating the OTP and use its encryption value as the linkage
information to generate the OTP to enhance security.
Transaction OTP
After generating an OTP linked to financial transaction information such as payee information, account number,
remittance amount, etc., we can respond to memory hacking or MITM (intermediate attack) in a much safer manner.



Easy and convenient authentication

Simple user authentication using biometrics, patterns, and PINs that do not require password input

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Proven technology and stability

Already in use for authentication purposes in governmental/public institutions, financial institutions, universities, etc.


User selectable authentication

User can choose authentication methods that are familiar and convenient for themselves.

  • Application of authentication autonomy/authentication management system


FIDO certification

Providing international level of security through product design that complies with FIDO certification

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Various technology integrations

Expandable to swIDch Auth authentication infrastructure, including various authentication methods and blockchain environments


Providing SDK

Possible to develop various authentication-dedicated apps or in-apps optimized for the customer environment and requirements.

Supporting and linking with various user authentication methods

FIDO-based swIDch Auth Package supports both single authentication and multiple authentications according to the user's choice. In addition, it is possible to configure the integrated authentication system that allows users to directly select various authentications and to link systems with one authentication server.



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Providing the API of mobile apps and authentication server

swIDch Auth Package provides the SDK and separate apps that reflects customer requirements so that users can easily apply authentication functions to the apps they are currently using. In addition, it supports various APIs required for the system connection by applying browser PIN authentication that does not require separate installation.

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System configuration

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FIDO1.0 UAF & FIDO2 Certified 

swIDch has been certified FIDO 1.0 and FIDO2 by the FIDO Alliance, so the security and stability of swIDch Auth biometric authentication technology has been fully verified.


FIDO1.0 Universal Authentication Framework


  • SSenStone FIDO Server v1.0
  • SSenStone FIDO Client for IOS (Authentication Combo)
  • SSenStone FIDO 
  • SSenStone FIDO


  • SSenStone FIDO2 Server
  • SSenStone FIDO2 Authentication


1st Grade GS Certification


GS certification

swIDch Auth has obtained 1st grade software quality certification (GS certification).