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shutterstock_OTAC solutions

OTAC Solutions

Next Generation Identification and Authentication
Security Innovation

swIDch’s OTAC Solutions transcend existing authentication methods by providing one-way, randomized user-user, device-
device, and user-device identification and authentication in an algorithm as a service (AaaS), supporting the development of
innovative products and services embedded with robust authentication security.

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OTAC enhances user authentication processes in operational technology (OT) while practically maintaining existing hardware and network environments. By utilizing a one-way dynamic token authentication process, it can be freely used even in closed networks that only allow one-way communication. Importantly, it doesn’t require upgrading PLC hardware specifications or existing network environments, allowing for user authentication with dynamic values while preserving the existing user experience.
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OTAC technology can generate virtual dynamic card information without a network connection,
adding an additional layer of security in the payment process. This patented technology is a Card-Not-Present (CNP) security solution that replaces static card information with variable dynamic card information, providing users full control over their security and finances.
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swIDch: IoT
Using dynamic codes, OTAC helps devices easily identify and authenticate users and other devices. When a user generates OTAC on a local device, it can be delivered through various channels such as voice recognition, keypads, and Bluetooth. The OTAC algorithm is small enough to be loaded onto any chip for enhanced security.
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swIDch: Access
Forget passwords and OTPs. When using powerful OTAC solutions, all networks and services are accessed safely. OTAC can log in without any hassle, even in offline environments where it is impossible to connect to a network. Employees can securely access industrial-use applications anytime and anywhere. In an OTAC solution implemented environment, remote work poses no more issues.
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