The key component of smart factory security...

Mar 03 2023

swIDch launches

'Programmable Logic Controller OTAC'

to revolutionise ICS & OT security


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Programmable logic controllers (PLC) serve as key component of ICS and OT systems and are equally susceptible to cyber-attacks, with inadequate access control and authentication within these systems posing a major challenge. With this in mind, swIDch’s Programmable Logic Controller OTAC provides a highly optimised and highly secure authentication solution specifically for PLC devices. It utilises our dynamic 'one-time authentication code' (OTAC) technology to resolve typical ICS/OT security challenges.
OTAC ensures only known and authorised users/devices can access PLCs using dynamic, non-reusable, constantly changing code guaranteed with 0% duplicates (defeats packet sniffing attacks).

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Taking the leap - Overcoming security concerns to realise PLCs full potential


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In light of our new solution launch, check out our latest blog as we have a more in depth look at the many benefits of reinforcing PLCs in the industrial control system (ICS) and operational technology (OT) space. 

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How to protect IoT with zero trust


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Many solutions are being proposed to protect IoT while minimizing changes to the already established IoT environment. Zero trust is a security strategy based on the principle of verifying and monitoring all access, and protecting devices through through this continuous verification and monitoring is rapidly gaining momentum. 

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