swIDch Auth provides authentication functions including FIDO authentication and mobile one-time password (mOTP). You can choose either swIDch Auth Package, which supports everything from the designing to deploying, and swIDch Auth SDK, with which you can develop all tasks directly.

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Ready-to-use authentication solution that has obtained both

FIDO 1.0 & FIDO 2 certification and 1st grade GS certification

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Software development kit (SDK) of authentication solutions

that enables direct authentication design from FIDO to mOTP

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Why swIDch Auth?


'swIDch Auth' has stood out every year in numerous international awards providing easier, faster, and stronger authentication security.


Easy and convenient authentication

Simple user authentication using biometrics, patterns, and PINs that do not require password input

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Proven technology and stability

Already in use for authentication purposes in governmental/public institutions, financial institutions, universities, etc.


User selectable authentication

User can choose authentication methods that are familiar and convenient for themselves.

  • Application of authentication autonomy/authentication management system


FIDO certification

Providing international level of security through product design that complies with FIDO certification

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Various technology integrations

Expandable to swIDch Auth authentication infrastructure, including various authentication methods and blockchain environments


Providing SDK

Possible to develop various authentication-dedicated apps or in-apps optimized for the customer environment and requirements.

FIDO1 & FIDO2 Certified 

swIDch has been certified FIDO 1.0 and FIDO2 by the FIDO Alliance, so the security and stability of swIDch Auth biometric authentication technology has been fully verified.


FIDO1.0 Universal Authentication Framework


  • SSenStone FIDO Server v1.0
  • SSenStone FIDO Client for IOS (Authentication Combo)
  • SSenStone FIDO 
  • SSenStone FIDO


  • SSenStone FIDO2 Server
  • SSenStone FIDO2 Authentication


1st Grade GS Certification


GS certification

swIDch Auth has obtained 1st grade software quality certification (GS certification).