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All-in-one Authentication SDK
in Cybersecurity

swIDch Auth SDK provides diverse authentication features
including FIDO-certified biometrics, mobile one-time password (mOTP),
and the world’s first one-way dynamic OTAC login.


We turned standard payment cards into mOTP generators ensuring impenetrable security without compromising user convenience

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We combined Fast Identity Online (FIDO) and our patented One-Time Authentication Code (OTAC) to establish a state-of-the-art, super secure IAM system for the Republic of Korea Army

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E-stamp 4

We solved information forgery issues in existing postage stamp and paper-based revenue stamp systems without overreliance on network connectivity

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Authentication: Redefined

Our patented algorithm overcomes the limitations of existing authentication methods such as username & password, OTP and tokenisation

Combining user identification and authentication steps into:

one single dynamic code. 

Reducing breach risk to near-zero.

A world first, it can generate both on and off line enabling uninterrupted use. Plus it can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems.

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Improve protection and drive progression

with agile authentication


  • Reduce layers
  • Reduce server loads
  • Reduce process times
  • Reduce user journey friction points
  • Reduce connectivity challenges with network-free code generation

  • Smoother remote & on-site access
  • Optimise IoT connectivity - from production line to consumer

  • Reduce time, friction, overhead, risk & consumer dissatisfaction/churn


The connected world could

work better...

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Global-Scale Awards Won

List of Awards

Best IoT/IIoT Security Solution 2022 SC Awards
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2022 Gold Winner at 14th Annual 2022 Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards
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2022 Gold Winner at 17th Annual 2022 Information Technology World Awards IT World Awards
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2022 Gold GLOBEE Winner "Startup of the Year" in Security Services
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CyberSecurity Breakthrough Award 2021 4MP
"Overall Fraud Prevention Solution Provider of the Year" CyberSecurity Breakthrough Award 2021
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2021 Cybertech 100
2021 Cybertech 100
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2020 Cybertech category winner of EUROPAS 2020 Award
2020 Cybertech category winner of EUROPAS 2020 Award
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CyberSecurity Breakthrough Award 2020
“Authentication Solution of the Year” CyberSecurity Breakthrough Award 2020
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2020 Cybertech 100
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Our OTAC algorithm was put to the test and fully substantiated in a

detailed 42-page technical review by the University of Surrey.

View the report on their site or download the full report.



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