Develop various authentication methods with SDK!

swIDch Auth SDK provides more secure, more user-oriented, and more convenient authentication systems. With our SDK, users can quickly and easily prepare the user authentication system for various business sites and services.




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Simple login

Providing simple and fast user authentication environment

Integrated authentication app

Various authentication systems with one integrated authentication app

SMS authentication replacement 

Reducing the identity authentication cost for mobile phone

Digital signature

User authentication, activity history identification as well as electronic signature are possible at once

Ensuring the security of personal information

Providing the user's right to control authentication and the option to select additional authentication methods


Linking with IoT and blockchain technology

Secure and convenient user/device authentication in the hyper-connected era and distributed data environment

Who is this SDK for?


  • SI companies that need rapid and stable system development based on proven authentication technology

  • A company specializing in integrated security solutions that urgently require reliable all-in-one authentication technology

  • Organizations and enterprises that need international standard authentication technology that can be applied to internal and external business with agility

  • Organizations and companies that need a network upgrade that requires reliable authentication technology

  • CEO and decision-makers who want to operate in-house authentication development manpower more efficiently



Easy and convenient authentication

Simple user authentication using biometrics, patterns, and PINs that do not require password input

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Proven technology and stability

Already in use for authentication purposes in governmental/public institutions, financial institutions, universities, etc.


User selectable authentication

User can choose authentication methods that are familiar and convenient for themselves.

  • Application of authentication autonomy/authentication management system


FIDO certification

Providing international level of security through product design that complies with FIDO certification

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Various technology integrations

Expandable to swIDch Auth authentication infrastructure, including various authentication methods and blockchain environments


Providing SDK

Possible to develop various authentication-dedicated apps or in-apps optimized for the customer environment and requirements.

Supporting and linking with various user authentication methods

FIDO-based swIDch Auth Package supports both single authentication and multiple authentications according to the user's choice. In addition, it is possible to configure the integrated authentication system that allows users to directly select various authentications and to link systems with one authentication server.


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Providing the API of mobile apps and authentication server

swIDch Auth Package provides the SDK and separate apps that reflects customer requirements so that users can easily apply authentication functions to the apps they are currently using. In addition, it supports various APIs required for the system connection by applying browser PIN authentication that does not require separate installation.

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System configuration

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FIDO1 & FIDO2 Certified 

swIDch has been certified FIDO 1.0 and FIDO2 by the FIDO Alliance, so the security and stability of swIDch Auth biometric authentication technology has been fully verified.


FIDO1.0 Universal Authentication Framework


  • SSenStone FIDO Server v1.0
  • SSenStone FIDO Client for IOS (Authentication Combo)
  • SSenStone FIDO 
  • SSenStone FIDO


  • SSenStone FIDO2 Server
  • SSenStone FIDO2 Authentication


1st Grade GS Certification


GS certification

swIDch Auth has obtained 1st grade software quality certification (GS certification).