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According to the Nilson Report, credit card fraud causes damage to the global economy of $27.85 billion annually, and the damage is expected to reach $40.6 billion by 2027. In addition, incidents of information theft in the short-text one-time password (OTP) or digital authentication process used for bank account transfers continue to occur. Adding extra security layers and procedures for safer financial transactions is never the answer. swIDch provides authentication solutions that allows anyone to conduct financial transactions easily and conveniently, as well as fundamentally block external threats in the identity and transaction authentication process.



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Features & Benefits

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Block the source of authentication fraud

No need to worry about sniffing during fixed value-based cardless transaction (CNP), card duplication, and NFC communication. swIDch blocks authentication fraud at the source through one-way dynamic code authentication that cannot be duplicated or reused.

User-friendly identity authentication

User-friendly identity authentication

Safe financial services should be equally guaranteed to everyone, regardless of age or education level. swIDch provides a service that allows you to easily authenticate yourself utilizing simple procedures without entering PINs or installing authentication apps.

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Sustainable financial services

No extra resources required for advanced financial authentication services. swIDch’s authentication solution with low network dependency contributes to sustainable financial services by reducing resources including network usage and server operation.

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Scalable single authentication

Existing payment cards, wearable devices, home IoTs, etc. become super-secure financial authentication mediums when utlising swIDch’s technology. Cards embedded with OTAC can be expanded to payment, access authorization, and app/login.


Our portfolio

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As financial payments by physical card are still actively made worldwide, swIDch provides Tap-OTAC that can be easily applied anywhere in the world. By embedding our OTAC Applet to payment cards, we guarantee a strong financial authentication service with both the security of hardware OTP and the convenience of mobile OTP.

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OTAC technology can create an additional layer of security in the payment process by creating dynamic card information virtually without a network connection. This patented technology is a cardless transaction (CNP) security solution that replaces fixed card information with changing dynamic details, giving users security and complete control.

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swIDch's OTAC Holderless Card can provide an efficient card issuance platform by enabling easy user authentication and registration by simply tapping a 'holderless' card equipped with OTAC algorithm to a mobile device. We provide a groundbreaking card registration process for card issuance & activation through user authentication based on the dynamic OTAC algorithm.
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