Cybersecurity Startup, swIDch Is Stepping Up to Help Businesses Working from Home amid COVID-19

Apr 28 2020

Cybersecurity Startup, swIDch Is Stepping Up to Help Businesses Working from Home amid COVID-19


28 April 2020

LONDON, UK - Amid surges in cybersecurity risks from remote working during the global COVID-19 pandemic, a London based cybersecurity startup, swIDch, has pledged to provide a free trial of its OTAC (One Time Authentication Code) to support businesses manage its employee access management more securely.

“compromised credentials are responsible for over 80% of all (data) breaches”

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COVID-19 is forcing almost every company and organisations around the world to adopt work-from-home policies. This new normal is demanding IT administrators to quickly ensure all remote workers have access to the company applications and information they need to be as efficient and productive as possible. As employees are now working in an open network, they are susceptible to hacking and businesses are relying on combinations of old authentication technologies such as ID, Passwords, and OTPs (one-time passwords), in an attempt to keep hackers away from sensitive data and systems. These technologies, however, are proving to be costly as well as being less effective in security as the 2019 Verizon Breach Investigation Report says that “compromised credentials are responsible for over 80% of all (data) breaches”.

To tackle this problem, swIDch offers OTAC technology, where it allows employees to generate a one-time dynamic authentication code for access management. This patented technology is able to generate unique dynamic codes even in an off-the-network environment, eliminating the attack surface for hackers. The codes are sufficient to identify a user on its own, therefore the businesses do not rely on the use of other technologies, saving costs even further for businesses.

In support for businesses during the COVID-19 crisis, swIDch is offering a free trial of OTAC SDK for 3 months. A South Korean founder of swIDch, Chang-hun, said in an interview that “As a cybersecurity startup, we came up with a resolution to defeat another terrible virus on your computer in a manner fitting the current circumstances”. Recently, the solution was chosen by one of the leading telcos in Asia with more than 25,000 employees to provide an optimised access solution for their remote workers and the startup is now willing to support other businesses to go through this unprecedented time together. The offer will be available from 27 April.

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