Smart cities are the future - but what is the best approach?

Feb 08 2023

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There's no doubt that smart cities will play a crucial role in progressing how we all live and interact. But is it best to design these cities as a complete vision? Or instead should we focus on applying technologies to existing cities and infrastructure only? Also, how do these different approaches affect the security and the inherent vulnerabilities? 


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swIDch awarded as a Digital Nations Startup Pitching Award finalist at Mobile360 2022


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As part of this years Mobile360 in Singapore, swIDch was awarded as 'runner up' in the Digital Ecosystem Innovation Summit Fintech & Metaverse Pillar.

swIDch introduced its world-first Card Tapping Mobile OTP technology which turns your standard payment card into an OTP generator to add impenetrable security for transactions requiring the highest level of security such as high value remittances. The presentation received a great response with swIDch going home with another award! 

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Check out the new

'card tapping mOTP'

video on our YouTube channel

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Check out the latest video which outlines our revolutionary 'card tapping mOTP', powered by our very own OTAC technology.

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