Global expansion of card tapping mobile OTP for security and convenience is imminent

Jul 25 2022

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Customers enjoy the enhanced security and relative convenience of two-factor authentication when accessing their banks or financial services as it removes the need for physical certificate devices. However, can we actually move beyond cyber-attack concerns just because we are verified twice? And how does swIDch's 'card tapping mOTP' technology bridge the gap between software tokens and hardware tokens?   

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swIDch wins award for 

'Best IOT/IIOT Security Solution'

at SC Awards 2022 





Highly Commended: swIDch OTAC™: the world’s first one-way dynamic authentication technology

swIDch has pioneered a SIM based authentication process between the mobile control centre and the router, without the need of additional infrastructure or hardware, utilising our OTAC technology. And with that comes another award to add to the 2022 cabinet! Congratulations to the team!

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Check out the new

'card tapping mOTP'

video on our YouTube channel

OTP explainer video

Check out the latest video which outlines our revolutionary 'card tapping mOTP', powered by our very own OTAC technology.

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