OTAC Login

OTAC, one-way random identity authentication code

swIDch Auth SDK provides login functions based on swIDch’s powerful authentication technology, OTAC (One-Time Authentication
Code). OTAC provides the most secure authentication in cyber security because it is impossible to reuse, never duplicates or
overlaps with others, and generates real-time dynamically changing authentication methods without connecting to a server.

OTAC Authentication
OTAC technology authenticates by generating a one-time random code that does not overlap with other users.
Generated by the client device, OTAC is a one-time random code that can identify users in a networkless environment.
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Transaction OTAC
After generating an OTAC linked to financial transaction information such as payee information, account number,
remittance amount, etc., we can respond to memory hacking or MITM (intermediate attack) in a much safer manner.
※ The OTAC server is provided by swIDch’s cloud service.