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Strong 2-step authentication in cyber security

swIDch Auth SDK provides easy to use mobile OTP functions for situations that require more powerful authentication
in cyber security. Unlike standard OTP, mobile OTP can generate one-time passwords without physical security cards
by using a mobile application. Thus, you can build a very powerful identity verification system.

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Mobile OTP
An OTP (One Time Password) that can be immediately generated from a mobile device without having to carry it around
separately (e.g., physical card types, token types, etc.).
Separate from the ID and password, it is an additional authentication (2FA/MFA) method that uses a new password each time.
PIN Linkage
We verify the PIN registered by the user before generating the OTP and use its encryption value as the linkage
information to generate the OTP to enhance security.
Transaction OTP
After generating an OTP linked to financial transaction information such as payee information, account number,
remittance amount, etc., we can respond to memory hacking or MITM (intermediate attack) in a much safer manner.