International standard for convenient universal biometric authentication

swIDch Auth SDK provides groundbreaking FIDO-based authentication functions that resolves the issue of
vulnerability posed by ID and passwords methods. Utilizing authentication based on the user’s biometrics (e.g.,
fingerprints, faces, etc.), you can expect a secure environment of the highest standard from simple log-in functions
to electronic signatures,

Devices capable of recognizing biometrics (e.g., fingerprints, faces, etc.) provide more convenient and quicker
authentication. User biometric information is neither sent nor saved to the server, making it more secure.
On the mobile device screen, users can verify themselves using a registered pattern.
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Without the need for a complex password, users can verify themselves by setting a 4-digit or 6-digit simple PIN number.
PC Log-in
If generated QR codes from PC log-in screens are scanned using mobile device cameras or the code is
inputted, the PC will be logged in.
Digital Signature
Using FIDO transactions, we provide encryption and digital signature PKI functions within the mobile
environment such as data integrity encryption/decryption and user and data authenticating electronic
signatures. (PKCS #7 standard digital signature)
Private Key
Implementing a private key system based on FIDO authentication technology, we create a PDF digital signature
that can be used for electronic contracts and agreements. (PKCS Detached standard digital signature)
They provide FIDO SDK related administrator functions such as user management, service maintenance, and
log management (authentication registration, success, and failures).