OTAC Solutions
OTAC Solutions

OTAC Solutions

Next Generation Identification and Authentication
Security Innovation

OTAC Solutions

swIDch’s OTAC Solutions transcend existing authentication methods by providing one-way, randomized user-user, device-
device, and user-device identification and authentication in an algorithm as a service (AaaS), supporting the development of
innovative products and services embedded with robust authentication security.

OTAC technology can generate virtual dynamic card information without a network connection,
adding an additional layer of security in the payment process. This patented technology is a Card-
Not-Present (CNP) security solution that replaces static card information with variable dynamic card
information, providing users full control over their security and finances.
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Connected Car Solution
With current digital key solutions, linking with car-sharing services to receive keys and start vehicles
requires a network connection. Thus, there are potential problems when vehicles are in underground
or remote areas with poor access to a network. Using OTAC technology, digital keys can be activated
and shared with authorized users without any issues regardless of driver or vehicle location.
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Drone 400x400 final

The Drone industry is rapidly developing and impacting our daily lives in numerous and innovative ways.

It has the ability to change our lives in for the better in ways which are hard to comprehend. However, with

this innovation comes the potential negative impact of security breaches and exploitation from external rogue

sources. swIDch’s patented technology enhances drone security solutions to keep the device and product in

secured modes at the same time, with simple use cases for many different purposes.

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tcp009t107809 4MP-1
Using dynamic codes, OTAC helps devices easily identify and authenticate users and other devices.
When a user generates OTAC on a local device, it can be delivered through various channels such
as voice recognition, keypads, and Bluetooth. The OTAC algorithm is small enough to be loaded onto
any chip for enhanced security.
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M2M Solution
Businesses today are moving towards a microservice environment with reliable end-to-end
infrastructure. However, certification processes are as inconvenient as ever because they involve
multiple rounds of time-consuming communication. Furthermore, microservices that rely on access
control could become overwhelmed by authentication services. OTAC provides one-way
identification and authentication between users and devices in end-to-end infrastructure, significantly
reducing turnaround time and simplifying the steps involved.
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IAM Solution
Forget passwords and OTPs. When using powerful OTAC solutions, all networks
and services are accessed safely. OTAC can log in without any
hassle, even in offline environments where it is impossible to connect
to a network. Employees can securely access industrial-use applications anytime
and anywhere. In an OTAC solution implemented environment, remote work poses no more issues.
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Military Defense Solution
During the midst of battle, it is very difficult to identify and differentiate between allies and targets. At
present, we use devices that transmit static information to identify allies. But in cases of hacking, this
method poses risks of transmitting intact information to the enemy. OTAC generates dynamic codes
on local devices even in offline environments, eliminating the risk of being hacked. Devices with the
OTAC algorithm application can transmit dynamic codes that keep changing to safely identify allies
wherever they are located.
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