We ensure the most secure user authentication process for
both on-premises and working-from-home enviroments.

Pain points

Businesses typically try to manage access by operating in a closed network environment to protect their sensitive data from cyber attacks.
However, this environment has become more vulnerable as more and more employees are forced to work remotely due to COVID-19.
Moreover, the requirement for employees to input bundles of information, such as IDs, passwords, OTPs and Tokens can prove problematic.
It can be inconvenient, less secure and increases operational costs for businesses. There is certainly room for improvement.

The solution

A secure and simple authentication process is compulsory when we access mission-critical data from
outside the office or collaborate with people located far away, such as branch offices, remote offices,
partners, clients, and telecommuting employees. swIDch provides enterprise customers with a more secure, efficient,
and simple way to authenticate users and devices.

  • Provide unidirectional code generated by the client without communication with the server
  • Generate a dynamic code that changes every time and is safe from hacking and leakage
  • Block attacks in advance with one-time code that does not allow cloning and spoofing attacks
  • Protect devices by issuing a unique code that never overlaps with other connected devices

OTAC for enterprise

With OTAC, users can generate dynamic one-time access codes from their own mobile devices. This works in an off-the-network environment.
As a result, enterprises can reduce network traffic and enable secure, reliable
access management as there is no surface for hackers to attack.

Furthermore, employees and their devices can be identified with the code alone. Therefore, employees no longer have to deal with certain IDs, passwords and tokens. Also, there is no need to force employees to change their password regularly because OTAC itself is a dynamic code that changes every time!

Why swIDch

OTAC, developed by swIDch, is the original technology
that provides all of the following features, tested and substantiated
by the University of Surrey technical report
Why swIDch
Sufficient to IDENTIFY user
DYNAMIC Authentication code
that does NOT duplicate
Uni-directional authentication
in off-the-network environment

OTAC is a dynamic code, which means the code keeps changing. As a result, you don’t need to worry about any leak of your personal information, such as
your card details, because the codes must have already been changed when others try to use them.

The network connection is NOT necessary at all for generating OTAC.

Reducing an authentication stage that requires the network connection directly means there are fewer gateways forthe hackers to access our personal information.

Moreover, this feature enables usersto authenticate even when they arein networkless environments, suchas on the plane, underground, rural or foreign areas.

swIDch can guarantee that the code never duplicates with anyone
at any given moment.

There is NO chance of someone else having the same code.

The users or their devices can be identified with the code alone.

Once OTAC has been generated, providing OTAC alone is already fully sufficient to identify the user as the code is unique.

It means, you can forget about the bundles of static information including IDs and passwords.