Who's next Korean Unicorns?

Jul 31 2020


Who's next Korean Unicorns?

The South Korean government is eager to boost its start-up ecosystem by fully supporting thriving Korean start-ups. First of all, the Ministry of SMEs and Startups (MSS) selected the final 40 start-ups for the “K-Baby Unicorn 200 Growth Programme” as potential Korean unicorns. The ministry went through a rigorous evaluation process and announced that SSenStone (a parent company of swIDch) achieved first place among the finalists. The selected companies will receive a government fund of up to  KRW 15.8 billion (Approximately £10 million) for their market expansion...  Read more

What's New? 

New website

Website Renewal!!
We are happy to announce that swIDch website has now been renewed. We welcome everyone to explore our website and find our most updated business applications. 


Finalist of Kickstart
swIDch has been selected for one of the finalists of Kickstart, one of Europe's largest multi-corporate ecosystem innovation platforms that runs a scale-up programme intending to accelerate deep tech innovation in Switzerland. Even though we were not able to join for the 2020 cohort, we will stay tuned for the coming up opportunities.  


3 Months Free Trial One Time Authentication Code
We have been offering an optimised authentication solution for free for remote access management. OTAC allows employees to generate a one-time dynamic authentication code for access even in an off-the-network environment. Watch how we secure remote access.

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